Tsuchiya Anna attended the opening of Japan's largest flagship store in Shinjuku store! _ May 24 nike free run 5.0 womens .11 Tsuchiya Anna Tsuchiya Anna attended the fashion before the opening of Shinjuku. The upcoming November 26 the official opening of the Shinjuku store, is also currently the brand's largest flagship store in Japan.Han settlers mother worked as a waiter nike air max thea pro-Beijing Dumpling House opened juggle .11 February 24, this day michael kors online outlet is Saturday. At noon, the reporter walked into the Xidan rich Hu also selling chicken wings and ears as well as voice, plum dumplings appeared in front of us. A dozen square meters of space, put out eight tables, packed dressed, ""McDonald-style"" girl. If it is hung on the wall in the michael kors outlet online famous photograph of Korean-day Nike Free 5.0 Mens mission the only Chinese member Han Geng, you will never link it with the star. 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Han Geng's mother voices is very thin, a little bit of the Northeast accent every time you answer a question on the smile. This Dumpling House on July michael kors canada outlet 26 this year, started business, take care of the store with her aunt as well as Han. nike free run 5.0 mens Aunt in the company before selling home appliances, my sister said to the shop, she took a job resigned, two people do it nike air max 90 together. Han Geng favorite mushrooms, Sam Sun dumplings stuffing store many types of 8 yuan a, a 10. nike free run 5.0 womens Canada Reporter identified himself before the first ""posing"" a return customer, and friends of the point of the ""eggplant sauce stuffing"", ""Sam Sun stuffing"", ""egg cucumber stuffing"" each one, plus a ""Northeast lift . "" Taste pretty good. Han said that these mothers are stuffing themselves ""invented"", especially nike free 5.0 the ""stuffing eggplant sauce"", there is also crunchy peanuts. 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