Policies and Procedures 

PACICC's essential corporate policies and procedures are set out in the Corporation's By-Law and in its Memorandum of Operation. Corporate policies and procedures are also influenced by other specific documents approved by the Board of Directors, including the Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, the annual Plan and Budget, and the Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Plan.

Memorandum of Operation
PACICC's consolidated memorandum of operation as of March 2007.

Original By-Law No. 1 together with amendments 1-8. Updated May 2016.

Intervention Guidelines for Quebec Chartered P&C Insurers and PACICC Member Companies
The intervention guidelines for Quebec chartered P&C insurers and PACICC member companies. Published April 2016.

Guide to Compensation Plan for P&C Insurers
A plan and guide to compensation for property and casualty insurers. Updated June 2009.

Code of Ethics and Business Conduct
PACICC's code of ethics. Published April 2016.

Board of Directors Mandate
PACICC's board of directors mandate. Published December 2009.

Plan and Budget
PACICC's proposed plan for 2016-2018 and the 2016 budget. Published November 2015.

Risk Management Report
A summary of PACICC's priority risks. Published April 2017.

Federal Contract
A sample of the federal contract of membership with PACICC.

Provincial Contract
A sample of the provincial contract of membership with PACICC.